Culture and Leadership Across the World

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"Culture and Leadership Across the World: The GLOBE Book of In-Depth Studies of 25 Societies "is a groundbreaking, large-scale project on international management research featuring contributions from nearly 18,000 middle managers from 1,000 organiz


Contents: A.P. Brief, J.P. Walsh, Series Foreword. K. Leung, Foreword. J.S. Chhokar, F.C. Brodbeck, R.J. House, Introduction. J.S. Chhokar, F.C. Brodbeck, R.J. House, Methodology. Part I: Nordic Europe Cluster. Cluster Introduction. Map. I. Holmberg, S. kerblom, "Primus inter pares": Leadership and Culture in Sweden. M. Lindell, C. Sigfrids, Culture and Leadership in Finland. Part II: Germanic Europe Cluster. Cluster Introduction. Map. G. Reber, E. Szabo, Culture and Leadership in Austria. F.C. Brodbeck, M. Frese, Societal Culture and Leadership in Germany. H. Thierry, D.N. den Hartog, P.L. Koopman, C.P.M. Wilderom, Culture and Leadership in a Flat Country: The Case of The Netherlands. J. Weibler, R. Wunderer, Leadership and Culture in Switzerland-Theoretical and Empirical Findings. Part III: Anglo Cluster. Cluster Introduction. Map. N.M. Ashkanasy, The Australian Enigma. S. Booth, Inspirational Variations? Culture and Leadership in England. M.A. Keating, G.S. Martin, Leadership and Culture in the Republic of Ireland. J.C. Kennedy, Leadership and Culture in New Zealand. L.A.E. Booysen, M.W. van Wyk, Culture and Leadership in South Africa. M.H. Hoppe, R.S. Bhagat, Leadership in the United States of America: The Leader as Cultural Hero. Part IV: Latin Europe Cluster. Cluster Introduction. Map. P. Castel, M. Deneire, A. Kurc, L. Marie-Franoise, C.A. Leeds, Universalism and Exceptionalism: French Business Leadership. J.C. Jesuino, Leadership and Culture in Portugal. J.J. O'Connell, J.M. Prieto, C. Gutierrez, Managerial Culture and Leadership in Spain. Part V: Latin America Cluster. Cluster Introduction. Map. C. Altschul, M. Altschul, M. L-pez, M.M. Preziosa, F. Ruffolo, A Crisis of Guidance: Argentine Leadership Icons and Middle Managers Adaptive Responses. E. Ogliastri, Colombia: The Human Relations Side of Enterprise. J.P. Howell, J. DelaCerda, S.M. Mart!nez, J.A. Bautista, J. Ortiz, L. Prieto, P. Dorfman, Societal Culture and Leadership in Mexico. Part VI: Eastern Europe. Cluster Introduction. Map. N. Papalexandris, Greece: From Ancient Myths to Modern Realities. M.V. Grachev, N.G. Rogovsky, B.V. Rakitski, Leadership and Culture in Russia: The Case of Transitional Economy. Part VII: Middle East Cluster. Cluster Introduction. Map. H. Kabasakal, M. Bodur, Leadership and Culture in Turkey: A Multi-faceted Phenomenon. Part VIII: Confucian Asia Cluster. Cluster Introduction. Map. P.P. Fu, R. Wu, Y. Yang, J. Ye, Chinese Culture and Leadership in China. I.H-s. Chow, Culture and Leadership Behaviors in Hong Kong. J. Li, P.M. Ngin, A.C.Y. Teo, Culture and Leadership in Singapore: Combination of the East and the West. Part IX: Southern Asia Cluster. Cluster Introduction. Map. J.S. Chhokar, India: Diversity and Complexity in Action. Part X: Sub-Saharan Africa. Cluster Introduction. Map. F.C. Brodbeck, J.S. Chhokar, R.J. House, Culture and Leadership in 25 Societies: Integration, Conclusions, and Future Directions.


"Globe I was the Manhattan project linking culture and leadership. It focused mostly on quantitative analyses of data from 61 countries. This volume focuses on qualitative data from 25 of those countries. Based on focus group responses, in-depth ethnographic interviews, conceptions of outstanding leadership found in the media, participant observations and unobtrusive measurements from each of these countries, it provides rich data about conceptions of leadership that are universal (e.g., the leader is inspirational ), and some are culture specific (e.g., invests in the future). The culture specific are emphasized more or less in different countries and cultural regions (defined by location, language and religion). The volume will be extremely valuable to those who work or do business in one or more of the 25 countries discussed in the book" - Harry Triandis, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Labor and Industrial Relations, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana "The Globe project has demonstrated a balance of generality and richness, as well as a laudable attempt to address cross-level issues. The call for multi-method, multi-level research has been around for decades, but genuine responses to this call are rare. The GLOBE project reminds us of the different limitations of different conceptual and methodological orientations, and of the needs to be integrative and pluralistic in our research enterprises. The GLOBE project will go down in the history of management research as a hallmark for diversity, inclusiveness, richness and multilateralism".- Kwok Leung, City University of Hong Kong "Globe study is the most comprehensive study of leadership and culture of the last decades, based on data collected from approximately 17,300 managers from 950 companies in 62 countries...This volume gives access to this remarkable study spanning several decades and, as such, it forms a reference work that every business school or university library, and all leadership cross cultural researchers should have on their shelves." -International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, August 2008
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