Cultural Translation in Early Modern Europe

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November 2011



This groundbreaking volume gathers an international team of historians to present the practice of translation as part of cultural history. Although translation is central to the transmission of ideas, the history of translation has generally been neglected by historians, who have left it to specialists in literature and language. This book seeks to achieve an understanding of the contribution of translation to the spread of information in early modern Europe. It focuses on non-fiction: the translation of books on religion, history, politics and especially on science, or 'natural philosophy', as it was generally known at this time. The chapters cover a wide range of languages, including Latin, Greek, Russian, Turkish and Chinese. The book will appeal to scholars and students of the early modern and later periods, to historians of science and of religion, as well as to anyone interested in translation studies.


Introduction Peter Burke and R. Po-chia Hsia; Part I. Translation and Language: 1. Cultures of translation in Early Modern Europe Peter Burke; 2. The Catholic Mission and translations in China, 1583–1700 R. Po-chia Hsia; 3. Language as a means of transfer of cultural values Eva Kowalská; 4. Translations into Latin in Early Modern Europe Peter Burke; Part II. Translation and Culture: 5. Early Modern Catholic piety in translation Carlos Eire; 6. The translation of political theory in Early Modern Europe Geoffrey P. Baldwin; 7. Translating histories Peter Burke; 8. The spectator, or the metamorphosis of the periodical: a study in cultural translation Maria Lúcia Pallares-Burke; Part III. Translation and Science: 9. The role of translations in European scientific exchanges in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Isabelle Pantin; 10. Scientific exchanges between Hellenism and Europe: translations into Greek, 1400–1700 Efthimios Nicolaidis; 11. Ottoman encounters with European science: sixteenth- and seventeenth- century translations into Turkish Feza Günergun; 12. Translations of scientific literature in Russia from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century S. S. Demidov; Bibliography.


Peter Burke is retired Professor of Cultural History at the University of Cambridge and Life Fellow of Emmanuel College. His most recent publications include What is Cultural History? (2004) and Languages and Communities in Early Modern Europe (2004). R. Po-Chia Hsia is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of History at Pennsylvania State University. He is the author and editor of numerous books, including The World of Catholic Renewal, 1540-1770 (2nd edition 2005), and the sixth volume of the Cambridge History of Christianity: Reform and Expansion 1500-1660 (2007).


"...this is a useful, broad-ranging and illuminating book, one that will be of use to this expanding and important field." Michael Saenger, Southwestern University, Comitatus " is a pleasure to encounter a group of essays that immerses the reader in scholarship on so many different languages." -Jennifer Spinks, H-German
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