Cultural Tourism in a Digital Era

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April 2015



This book covers the entire spectrum of cultural and digital tourism and presents the latest findings, examples and cases, highlighting innovations for the tourism industry from both an academic and a practical point of view. The book invites readers to discover ongoing developments and recent trends in fields like heritage and museum management; sports tourism; tourism economics and policy; e-marketing and e-business; and many other fields, making it of value to researchers in tourism management, practitioners and policymakers alike. The book was edited in collaboration with the International Association of Cultural and Digital Tourism - IACuDiT - and includes the proceedings of the First International Conference on Cultural and Digital Tourism.


Part A: Consumers' view on today's tourism industry.-
Part B: Cultural tourism today.-
Part C: Heading towards a digital model of tourism.-
Part D: Tourism product from an alternative perspective.



Dr.Vicky Katsoni is an Assistant Professor at the Tourism Department of the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens, Greece and she is also teaching at the Greek Open University at the MSc program of Tourism Management. She holds a PhD in Tourism Marketing Management and ICT Applications in Tourism, an MBA and a BA (Hons) in Economics. She has participated in several European and National research projects and her research interests include tourism distribution channels, digital tourism, tourism marketing, medical tourism and consumer behavior. She has published 7 books on tourism, chapters in edited volumes, and numerous papers on highly academic journals. She is the president of the "International Association of Cultural and Digital Tourism", and is member of the Editorial Board of many journals in tourism and marketing.
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