Crowded Airwaves: Campaign Advertising in Elections

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April 2000



This volume gathers some of the most important new work in American political advertising and communication. It will be of special importance to those concerned with the tone and content of electoral campaigns and political discourse.


James A. Thurber is director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies and professor of government at American University, Washington, D.C., USA. Candice J. Nelson is academic director of the Campaign Management Institute and associate professor of government at American University, USA. David A. Dulio is assistant professor of political science at Oakland University, Michigan, USA. He is the author of For Better or Worse: How Political Consultants Are Changing Elections in the United States (Suny Press, 2004).


"The six chapters contributed by researchers other than the authors are deceptively slim, but provide the reader with a wealth of information... Taken together, the research in this book helps to redfine the field of political advertising." -- International Journal of Public Opinion Research "This is an ambitious agenda, but the book makes some important contributions to the literature on campaigns and on political ads specifically." --Karen M. Kedrowski, Winthrop University, American Political Science Review, vol. 96, no. 1
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