Crossroads between Innate and Adaptive Immunity

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Dezember 2006



This compilation presents mini-reviews derived from work presented at the Aegean Conference: "First Crossroads between Innate and Adaptive Immunity," which occurred in October, 2005 at the Hilton Conference Center on the island of Rhodes, Greece. The conference included sessions dedicated to host recognition of and response to pathogens, innate immune networks, antigen presentation, and adaptive immune responses, each headlined by a leading scientist.


Signal Transduction in DC Differentiation: Winged Messengers and Achilles' Heel.- Shaping Naive and Memory Cd8+ T Cell Responses in Pathogen Infections Through Antigen Presentation.- Understanding the Role of Innate Immunity in the Mechanism of Action of the Live Attenuated Yellow Fever Vaccine 17D.- The Function of Local Lymphoid Tissues in Pulmonary Immune Responses.- The Yin and Yang of Adaptive Immunity in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation: Donor Antigen-Presenting Cells Can Either Augment or Inhibit Donor T Cell Alloreactivity.- It's Only Innate Immunity But I Like it.- Innate Tumor Immune Surveillance.- Regulation of Adaptive Immunity by Cells of the Innate Immune System: Bone Marrow Natural Killer Cells Inhibit T Cell Proliferation.- Induction and Maintenance of Cd8+ T Cells Specific for Persistent Viruses.- Germinal Center-Derived B Cell Memory.- CD28 and Cd27 Costimulation of Cd8+ T Cells: A Story of Survival.- CD38: An Ecto-Enzyme at the Crossroads of Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses.- Vascular Leukocytes: a Population with Angiogenic and Immunossuppressive Properties Highly Represented in Ovarian Cancer.- CD4+ T Cells Cooperate With Macrophages for Specific Elimination of MHC Class II-Negative Cancer Cells.- Receptors and Pathways in Innate Antifungal Immunity.
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