Critical Inquiry and Problem Solving in Physical Education

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November 2003



In recent years there has been an increased emphasis within the pedagogy literature on developing the skills of critical analysis, reflection, and problem solving among students. This change is reflected in the latest physical education guidelines in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, where critical inquiry and problem solving now feature in the PE curriculum. This book is the first text in PE to address this significant new dimension to the subject, providing examples of how the concepts can translate into teaching and learning practices.


Part 1. Introduction 1. Critical Inquiry and problem-solving: What does it look like in physical education? 2. Promoting learning in physical education Part 2. Critical Inquiry in the early and middle years 3. Teaching games for understanding 4. 'If-then': Thinking skills and problem solving in team games 5. Problem solving using a sport education approach 6. Student-led research 7. Dance as critical thinking and reflective praxis 8. Understanding and investigating cultural perspectives in physical education 9. Rich tasks?, rich learning? Part 3. Critical Inquiry in the senior years 10. Reflective practices in coaching: using reflective diaries to enhance performance 11. Biomechanical analysis in physical education 12. A socio-critical lens on physical activity participation 13. Analysing media texts: developing resistant reading positions 14. Negotiating the curriculum Part 4. The challenges of critical inquiry 15. Becoming a highly accomplished teacher: The challenges of critical inquiry.
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