Crisis and Opportunity in the Professions

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In almost every profession, a conflict of interest exists between the push of the organization's goals on the one hand, and the pull of professional standards and values on the other hand. This book aims to identify, describe, and understand these conflicts of interests in a variety of professional fields.


Ethical Considerations in the Changing Environment of Human Service Organizations.(M. Gibelman, S.R. Gelman). Ethical Challenges in Medicine. (M. Rothberg). The Role of the Insurance Professional. (R. Duska). The Professional Responsibilities of Lawyers. (T.J. Radin). In Search of the Computer "Professional": An Australian Perspective. (M. Schwartz). From Mechanical to Meaningful Solutions in the Accounting Profession. (M.L. Pava). Pressures on the Manager in the Organization: Obstacles and Aids to Ethical Behavior. (G.F. Cavanagh S.J.). Current Ethical Dilemmas of Advertising Professionals. (D.Y. Cohn). Priests and the Church: Prophets or Buffoons? (P. Primeaux). How is Business Ethics Possible? (J.E. Roper). A Philosophical Perspective on Corporate Codes of Ethics. (J.E. Roper). The Rationale for, and Scope and Method of, Teaching Business Ethics. (K.S. Bigel). The Mythogenetic Professions, or how Mythology Could Color Professional Life. (M. Dion).
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