Creation and the God of Abraham

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September 2010



Develops perspectives of the foundational doctrine of creation from Judaism, Christianity and Islam, exploring their relevance in the modern world.


List of contributors; Preface David D. Burrell and Janet M. Soskice; Introduction Carlo Cogliati; 1. Creation ex nihilo: early history Ernan McMullin; 2. Creatio ex nihilo: its Jewish and Christian foundations Janet M. Soskice; 3. The act of creation with its theological consequences David D. Burrell; 4. Scotistic metaphysics and creation ex nihilo Alexander Broadie; 5. Creation and the context of theology and science in Maimonides and Crescas Dan Davies; 6. Creation: Avicenna's metaphysical account Rahim Acar; 7. Four conceptions of creatio ex nihilo and the compatibility question Pirooz Fatoorchi; 8. Will, necessity, and creation as monistic theophany in the Islamic philosophical tradition Ibrahim Kalim; 9. Trinity, motion and creation ex nihilo Simon Oliver; 10. The big bang, quantum cosmology and creatio ex nihilo William R. Stoeger; 11. What is written into creation? Simon Conway Morris; 12. Creatio ex nihilo and dual causality James R. Pambrun; 13. God and creatures acting: the idea of double agency Thomas F. Tracy; 14. Thomas Aquinas on knowing and coming to know: the Beatific vision and learning from contingency Eugene F. Rogers.


David Burrell is Professor of Ethics and Development at Uganda Martyrs University. His previous publications include Faith and Freedom (2005), Friendship and Ways to Truth (2000) and Deconstructing Theodicy (2008). Carlo Cogliati is Spalding Fellow in Comparative Religion at Clare Hall, University of Cambridge. His research interests include modal theistic arguments in the three Abrahamic traditions, the theological significance of the notion of infinity, and analogy in theology and science. Janet Soskice is Professor of Philosophical Theology at the University of Cambridge. She is the author of Metaphor and Religious Language (1984), The Kindness of God (2008) and Sisters of Sinai (2009). William R. Stoeger is Staff Astrophysicist in the Vatican Observatory Research Group at the University of Arizona. He specializes in theoretical cosmology, gravitational physics, and interdisciplinary studies bridging the natural sciences, philosophy and theology.


Review of the hardback: 'This book is an example of inter-faith dialogue at its most constructive ... This collection is a magnificent achievement. It left me hoping for a thoroughgoing formulation of 'theology and science' which started from what this book lays before us. I venture that almost all we need for the renewal of that field could be found in this exceptional volume.' Church Times
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