Creating Value in Financial Services

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Creating Value in Financial Services is a compilation of state-of-the-art views of leading academics and practitioners on how financial service firms can succeed in today's competitive environment. The book is based on two conferences held at New York University: the first, `Creating Value in Financial Services', held in March 1997, and the second, `Operations and Productivity in Financial Services', in April 1998. The book is essentially designed to be a compendium of leading edge thinking and practice in the management of financial services firms. There is no book today that has this focus. It contains ideas that can apply to other service industries. Topics addressed are increasingly important worldwide as the financial services industries consolidate and search for innovative new directions and ways to create value in a fiercely competitive environment.


Foreword; L. Zicklin. Preface. 1. Creating Value in Financial Services; E.L. Melnick, et al. Section I: Customer Value Focused Strategies. 2. The Changing Global Environment of Financial Services; A.R. Kan. 3. Universal Banking: Does it Work?; D. Rogers. 4. Universal Banking: A Shareholder Value Perspective; I. Walter. 5. Redefining Customer Relationships in the Age of the Ascendant Customer; T.L. Monahan III. 6. Out of the Fog: Creating Value by Assembling and Managing a Portfolio of Services; P.R. Nayyar. 7. Challenges of Product Delivery in Emerging Markets; A. Bhargava. 8. Modeling Services of Financial Institutions in Emerging Markets; E.L. Melnick. Section II: Customer Value Focused Services. 9. Creating Value: Evolution and Management of Financial Derivatives; J.O. Matthews, C.A. Rusinko. 10. Electronic Commerce and Financial Services: Going for Broke?; A. Hosking, et al. 11. The Internet Channel Revolution: The Case of Charles Schwab; S. Dewan, H. Menselson. 12. Lessons from Developing the Yield Book; E.R. Battifarano. Section III: Customer Value Focused Systems. 13. Impending Revolution in Corporate Information Technology Departments; K. McGilloway. 14. Financial Service Networks: Access, Cost Structure and Competition; U.S. Karmarkar. 15. The Potential for Virtual Work to Enhance Value in Financial Services Firms; R.L.M. Dunbar, R. Garud. 16. Designing Electronic Market Institutions for Bond Trading; M. Fan, et al. 17. Staffing Challenges in Financial Services; R.C. Larson, E.J. Pinker. 18. Call Centers in Financial Services: Strategies, Technologies and Operations; M.L. Pinedo, et al. 19. PruServ(TM): A Call Center Support System; J. Alouisa, et al. Section IV: Customer Value Focused Measures of Success. 20. Process Improvement in Financial Services: A Focused Approach; P.D. Patel. 21. How do Financial Services Stack Up? Findings from a Benchmarking Study of the US Financial Service Sector; R.B. Chase, et al. 22. Value Creation and Process Management: Evidence from Retail Banking; F.X. Frei, P.T. Harker. 23. Bank Productivity: Promises Unrealized; W.I. Cutler. 24. Productivity in Service Industries: Implications of the Boskin Commission Report; R. Solow.
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