Coupled Models for the Hydrological Cycle

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This book considers an array of state-of-the-art coupling and modelling concepts. First the relevant Earth system cycles are presented, followed by a discussion on scale issues and multiple equilibria. Inter- and intra-compartmental coupling is addressed, along with a debate on non-linearities and questions of parameterisation. Several applications are presented, where a focus is on cases where the hydrological cycle plays a central role.


1. Cycles, Feedbacks and Main Issues.- Global Cycles: Overview and Introduction.- The Nature of Land-Biosphere-Atmospheric Feedbacks in the Hydrological Cycle.- Scale Issues.- Multiple Equilibria.- 2. Systems Approach: The Nature of Coupled Models.- Introduction.- Fluxes, Compartments and Ordering of Feedbacks.- Non-Linearities.- Parameterization of Complex Hydrological Systems.- 3. Systematization of the Interactions between Hydrological and Related Cycles.- Introduction.- Coupled Processes and Interaction Matrix.- Coupling Aspects of Heat and Mass Transfer.- Feedbacks at the Hydro-Meteorological Interface.- 4. Case Studies.- Framework of the Case Studies.- 5. Summary and Outlook.
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