Counselling and Psychotherapy in Contemporary Private Practice

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August 2007



Presents the reader with issues that arise from the specific context of working in independent practice and explores how these affect what takes place in the therapeutic relationship. This book is intended for students of counselling and psychotherapy, qualified and experienced practitioners contemplating setting up in private practice.


Introduction. The Changing Status of Counselling and its Impact on Private Practice. Advertising. Assessment. Other Professionals - Support or Intrusion? The Individual Therapist Working in an Independent Group Practice. Psychodynamic Counselling and Complementary Therapy: Towards an Effective Collaboration. Working From Home in Independent Practice. What is Money? Breaks and Endings in Counselling in Private Practice.


Dr Adrian Hemmings UKCP is a chartered psychologist and senior practitioner on the British Psychological Society (BPS) Register of Psychologists Specialising in Psychotherapy. Adrian currently works in the NHS as a psychologist and psychotherapist in a local Primary Care Trust where he is Professional Head of Psychology. He trained as a Psychotherapist and has worked in private practice for 20 years. Rosalind Field UKCP has had a private practice in Brighton since 1987. Rosalind has an MSc in social work and has had many years experience working with children and families in Family Therapy and Family Mediation both for various social service departments and voluntary sector organisations. Rosalind is also a qualified and experienced Psychotherapy Supervisor.
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