Counseling and the Therapeutic State

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Dezember 1999



This text examines the nature and scope of counselling and psychotherapeutic practice in modern society. Although this entails an analysis of their social organization, this book also looks at the persistence of the therapeutic ethos within America and Western culture generally.


Part 1 Conceptualizing the state: children and the civic state - a covenant model of welfare, John O'Neill; power and social action beyond the state, Roger Sibeon; therapy, organization and the state - a Blackian perspective, James Tucker; the institutionalization and deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill - lessons from Goffman, Philip Manning. Part 2 Counselling and therapy in institutional settings: acquiescence or consensus? consenting to therapeutic pedagogy, James L. Nolan, Jr.; the emergence of recovered memory as a social problem, Roger Neustadter; the concept of a "healthy person" - a sociological contribution toward a truly revolutionary psychotherapy, John A. Kovach; toward a critical social interactionism for counsellors, Sydney Carroll Thomas; the family under siege, James J. Chriss.
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