Cosmic Magnetic Fields

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September 2005



While magnetic fields permeate the universe on all scales, the present book is dedicated to their investigation on the largest scales and affords a balanced account of both theoretical and observational aspects. Written as a set of advanced lectures and tutorial reviews that lead up to the forefront of research, this book offers both a modern source of reference for the experienced researchers as well as a high-level introductory text for postgraduate students and nonspecialist researchers working in related areas.


Magnetic Fields in the Early Universe.- Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Systems, Clusters and Beyond.- Magnetic Fields in Galaxies.- The Origin of Galactic Magnetic Fields.- Magnetic Fields in the Milky Way, Derived from Radio Continuum Observations and Faraday Rotation Studies.- Mesoscale Magnetic Structures in Spiral Galaxies.- Magnetic Fields in Diffuse HI and Molecular Clouds.- Stellar Magnetic Fields.- Importance of Magnetic Helicity in Dynamos.- Numerical Magnetohydrodynamics in Astrophysics.


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