Coping and Emotion in Sport

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This book brings together a group of prominent, international scholars who have published and conducted research in this area of applied psychology. Sixteen chapters reflect empirical, theoretical and applied perspectives associated with coping and emotion in sport, as well as several important issues and special populations. Each chapter is classified under one of the following three headings: (I) Theoretical perspectives on Coping and Emotion in Sport; (II) Research on Coping and Emotion in Sport; and (III) Issues and Special Populations. The target readership is broad, and includes international academic researchers, scholars, and students (both undergraduate and graduate) in the field of sport psychology. The focus of the book also makes it appropriate for psychologists and other practitioners working (or interested in working) with athletes, coaches and/or sport organisations. Finally, the specific focus of the book may be of interest to mental health professionals and researchers in the behavioural sciences.


Contents: Preface; Foreword; Coping and Emotion in Sport: An Introduction; Emotion in Sport: Antecedents and Performance Consequences; Coping in Sport; Coping with Emotions in Sport: A Cognitive Motivational Relational Theory Perspective; The Emotional Response to Athletic Injury: Re-Injury Anxiety; Coping with Sports Injury: Testing a Model of Self-Regulation in a Sports Setting; The Home Advantage: Psychological and Physiological Factors in Soccer; Social Influence on Emotion in Sport; Losing to Win: A Clinical Perspective on the Experience of Loss Among Elite Athletes; Athletes Emotional Responses to Sport Injury; Coping and Emotion in Disability Sport; Coping with Winning an Olympic Gold Medal: The Role of the Sport Psychologist; Emotion, Mood and Coping in Sport: Measurement Issues; Coping and Emotion in Sport: Future Research; Index.


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