Cooperative Strategies and Alliances

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September 2002



Whilst the old-fashioned vertically-organized firm is far from dead, the fact remains that it is in retreat in the face of increasing cooperation between large companies. These papers explore this recent phenomenon that is changing the nature of business.


Introduction. Alliance Structure and Performance: Theoretical Overviews. Do Companies Gain Experience in Managing Cooperative Relationships? Learning across the Interorganizational Membrane. The Role of Trust and Goodwill in Cooperative Relationships. The Role of Knowledge in Alliance Management. A Social Exchange Perspective to Interfirm Linkages. Cooperation for Innovation and R&D Partnerships. The Organization of Interfirm Relationships in the New Alliance-Based Economy. Alliance Structure and Performance: Empirical Studies. Process and Management Issues in Alliances. Buyer-Supplier Alliances. Conceptual Frameworks. Trends in Cooperative Activities and Ownership Patterns. Structure and Performance of Cooperative Ventures. Managing Cooperative Relationships. A Focus on Developing Countries. Cooperating with the Japanese. Index. List of contributors.
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