Contracts in Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Juni 2006



Praise for the First Edition:
`An excellently edited book... It touches upon the core philosophical bases of psychodynamic/psychoanalytic, cognitive and humanistic counselling, and explores the complicated and sometimes contradictory nature of contracting within these approaches... The book is written in an accessible language and often uses very powerful imagery to underline its message... I found this book to be extremely stimulating, accessible and readable. I recommend it to all people interested in counselling, and particularly to students of counselling at all levels' - British Journal of Guidance and Counselling
Contracts in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Second Edition is a practical guide to an essential area of professional knowledge and skills. Any kind of therapeutic relationship requires an agreement between practitioner and client at the outset. When contracting with clients, practitioners need to consider a whole range of factors including:
" goals of counselling
" theoretical orientation
" brief or open-ended counselling
" different personality types
" ethical and legal issues.
This book provides a unique guide to the nature of counselling contracts, why they are needed and how they are made. For the second edition, the book has been thoroughly updated to take account of the BACP ethical framework. Two new chapters have been added covering the legal aspects of contracting, and how to make contracts with trainees.
Contracts in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Second Edition is an authoritative source of information and practical guidance for trainees and practitioners in counselling and psychotherapy.
Charlotte Sills is Visiting Professor at Middlesex University, and Head of Transactional Analysis Department at Metanoia Institute, London


Introduction: The Therapy Contract - Charlotte Sills
A Mutual Commitment
Contracts and Contract Making - Charlotte Sills
The Use of Contracts in the Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic Approach - Michael Jacobs
Cognitive Therapy - Frank Wills
A Down-to-earth and Accessible Approach
Contracting within Person-Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy - Mike Worral
Outcome-Focused Contracts - Ian Stewart
Process Contracts - Adrienne Lee
Contracts and Harmful Behaviour - Geoff Mothersole
Making Contracts with Different Personality Types - Charlotte Sills and Max Wide
Contracts, Ethics and the Law - Peter Jenkins
Contracts, Complexity and Challenge - Keith Tudor
Choosing a Time-limited Counselling or Psychotherapy Contract - Jenifer Elton Wilson
Therapy Contracts with Trainee Practitioners - Brigid Proctor and Charlotte Sills
Contracting in Supervision - Brigid Proctor


Born in England and educated in England and Belgium, Charlotte's original degree was in French, which she subsequently taught. In 1979, she moved into the world of psychological therapies, working at first as a project manager for Hounslow SSD in the early eighties then, following training and qualifying in psychotherapy, as tutor and supervisor on a range of training courses, including the Consultancy Skills Course at the National Institute for Social Work. She was also, until this year, part of the Management Team at Metanoia Institute, London, one of the largest counselling and therapy training centres in Britain. She remains a member of the tutor team there. Charlotte is a qualified integrative psychotherapist (with MSc in Transactional Analysis), UKCP registered and a BACP accredited supervisor of counsellors. She has worked as a consultant/coach to individuals and small groups in a variety of settings, mainly in the field of health and social work. Currently she maintains a small independent practice specialising in that interface between the personal and the professional. Charlotte has published widely in the therapeutic field, some of which is very relevant to the world of coaching and consulting. Books include Contracts in Counselling (ed. Sills 2006, London Sage), Skills in Gestalt Counselling (Joyce and Sills 2001, London Sage) and Transactional Analysis Counselling (Lapworth, Sills and Fish 1993. Oxford Speechmark). She has won an award for her work developing a relational approach to facilitating development; in other words, a focus on the relationship of the client to himself, to others in his life - including his coach - and to his organisation.
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