Contractarianism and Rational Choice: Essays on David Gauthier's Morals by Agreement

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Januar 1991



In this anthology, prominent moral and political philosophers offer a critical assessment of Gauthier's theory.


Preface; Biographical note on David Gauthier; 1. Gauthier's three projects Peter Vallentyne; Part I. Gauthier's Contractarian Moral Theory: 2. Why contractarianism? David Gauthier; 3. Two faces of contractarian thought Jean Hampton; 4. Gauthier's foundations for ethics under the test of application David Braybrooke; 5. Contractarianism and the assumption of mutual unconcern Peter Vallentyne; 6. Moral standing and rational-choice contractarianism Christopher W. Morris; Part II. Minimax Relative Concession and the Lockean Proviso: 7. The Lockean Proviso Peter Danielson; 8. Providing for rights Donald C. Hubin and Mark B. Lambeth; 9. Gauthier on distributive justice and the natural baseline Jan Narveson; 10. Equalizing concessions in the pursuit of justice: a discussion of Gauthier's bargaining solution Jean Hampton; 11. Gauthier's approach to distributive justice and other bargaining solutions Wulf Gaetner and Marlies Klemisch-Ahlert; Part III. The Rationality of Keeping Agreements: 12. Deception and reasons to be moral Geoffrey Sayre-McCord; 13. Contractarianism and moral skepticism David Copp; 14. Deriving morality from rationality Holly Smith; 15. Morality and the theory of rational choice Jody S. Kraus and Jules L. Coleman; 16. Closing the compliance dilemma: how it's rational to be moral in a Lamarckian world Peter Danielson; 17. Rational constraint: some last words David Gauthier; Bibliography; Index.
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