Contemporary Perspective in E-Learning Research: Themes, Methods and Impact on Practice

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Oktober 2006



Aims to define e-learning as a field of research, highlighting the complex issues, activities and tensions that characterize the area. This book examines topics such as access and inclusion; the social-cultural contexts of e-learning; organisational structures, processes and identities; technical aspects of learning research; and, more.


1. Introduction 2. Epistemologies and social context 3. Political context 4. Technologies for learning and the information environment 5. Understanding organisational cultures, roles and identities 6. Learning theories and technologies 7. Designing for learning 8. Designing educational resources for learning 9. Assessment 10. Managing educational resources 11. Literacies 12. Collaboration 13. Affective and social issues 14. Evaluation 15. Conclusion


Grainne Conole is Professor of Educational Innovation in Post-Compulsory Education at the University of Southampton. She was previously the Director of the Institute for Learning and Research Technology at the University of Bristol. Currently funded projects include the HEFCE-funded E-Learning Research Centre, the JISC/NSF funded DialogPlus digital libraries project and the ESRC National Centre for Research Methods. She is also editor of the Association of Learning Technologies journal, ALT-J. Martin Oliver is senior lecturer at the Institute of Education. Prior to this he was a lecturer in Teaching and Learning (Communication and Information Technologies) at University College London.


'Contemporary perspectives in e-learning research is a useful book for those actively pursuing research in this area.' - British Journal of Educational Technology 'Esssential reading for anyone interested in understanding more about the research and practice of e-learning.' - Teaching in Higher Education
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