Contemporary Entrepreneurship

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This book presents the current state-of-the-art in all major and upcoming areas of entrepreneurship research. Thousands of scholars around the world are currently working to broaden our understanding of the entrepreneurial phenomenon. The disciplines involved are numerous, as are the topics of interest, with substantial efforts to enhance the existing knowledge. This book is specifically designed to facilitate high-level, high-intensity discussions and fruitful exchanges between scholars involved in entrepreneurship research. The articles address a variety of topics ranging from self-employment, technology, growth patterns and job creation, and success and failure rates, to historical, conceptual and comparative international approaches.
"This book takes entrepreneurship beyond the
individual, size of the venture, entrepreneurial personality, and looks at
entrepreneurship as a long term complex process that is heterogeneous, content
dependent with an emphasis on innovation and growth. A must read for
individuals interested in entrepreneurship, today and in the future, on a
domestic and global basis." - Robert D. Hisrich,
Director - Walker Center and Garvin Professor of Global Entrepreneurship,
Thunderbird School of Global Management
"Entrepreneurship is perhaps not just the most multifaceted but also the
most important concept of the modern socio-economic disciplines. This book
makes an invaluable contribution in this fascinating area: it presents a
multifaceted socio-economic examination of the impact of entrepreneurship for
growth." - Roy Thurik,
Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam and Montpellier Business School


Part 1 Contemporary entrepreneurship and field of research.- Contemporary Entrepreneurship: An Overview.- The Field of Entrepreneurship Research: Some Significant Developments.-
Part 2 Entrepreneurial performance and growth.- Linking Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth in Sweden, 1850-2000.- Investigating the Impact of Small Versus Large Firms on Economic Performance of Countries and Industries.- Competitive Strategies, Perceived Competition and Firm Performance of Micro Firms: The Case of Trento.- The route to high growth: Patterns of Financial and Operational Decisions for new Firms in France.- Innovation, Information Technology and Performance: The Iberoamerican SMEs Context.-
Part 3 Entrepreneurial individual primers, paths and outcomes.- Entrepreneurship and Hybrid Self-employment.- Heterogeneous Self-Employment and Work Values: The Evidence from Online Freelance Marketplaces.- Exploring the Reasons and Ways to Exit: The Entrepreneur Perspective.- Work-Life Balance: Differences Between Entrepreneurs And Non-Entrepreneurs.- Post-entrepreneurs: Self-employed People in Retirement.- The Political Entrepreneur: Deus ex Machina of Public Choice Theory?.-
Part 4 Entrepreneurial frameworks, ethics and culture.- Intentions And Perceptions of the Entrepreneurial Career Among Croatian Students: Initial Results of a Longitudinal Empirical Study.- Fiction and Substance. Start-Up Support: An Analysis on Interaction.- Establishing Ethical Values in Entrepreneurial Decision-making: The Justification for a Cognitive Network.- The Development of Entrepreneurial Culture in Transition Economy. An Empirical Model Discussion.- Business Angels, Social Networks, and Radical Innovation.- Micro Entrepreneurship and Female Homework in Developing Countries: On the Limited Capacity of Micro Entrepreneurship as Analytical Term.


Dr. Dieter Bögenhold is Professor of Sociology in the Faculty of Economics at the Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt, Austria. He is also head of the department of sociology and codirector of the interfaculty wide research cluster entrepreneurship. His research covers an intersection of business and society, entrepreneurship and history of economic and social thought. Besides many editorial affiliations he belongs to the board of the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society. He has taught and published widely in fields of management, entrepreneurship, socioeconomics, and sociology.
Dr. Jean Bonnet is Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Caen, France. He is Founding Director of the Master Programme in Entrepreneurship (Ingénierie des projets Entrepreneuriaux); his research covers Occupational Choice and especially the decision to become an entrepreneur in relation with the functioning of the Labor Market. Additional fields of research are Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Finance, Entrepreneurship & Regional Development.
Dr. Marcus Dejardin is Professor of Economics at the University of Namur and the Université catholique de Louvain. He has developed expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, regional economics, and public policy analysis. Marcus is the Founding Editor of the New Economics Papers - Entrepreneurship Newsletter. He serves as an Associate Editor of Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal and The Annals of Regional Science.
Dr. Domingo García-Pérez-de-Lema is Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), Spain. President of Finance and Business Valuation Commission (AECA). Director of the Economic Observatory of SMEs in the Region of Murcia. Co-Director of the Foundation for Strategic Development of SMEs (FAEDPYME). His research covers different fields of SME such as: corporate culture, innovation, family business and prediction of business failure. He is responsible for Business Valuation in Entrepreneurship Center of UPCT.

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