Consumer Driven Electronic Transformation

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November 2004



The book focuses on the emerging techniques and technologies for supply chain management and collaboration as well as on the emerging relationships and the electronic transformations governing multichannel retailing. It aims at supporting retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and third parties applying the latest technological inventions to transform the value chain. It also attempts to guide practitioners to effectively proceed in employing new technologies to ignite consumer enthusiasm. Similarly, the objective of this book is to help companies target more accurately consumer and shopper wishes with focused investments, in shorter time, and with more success.


PART 1: EMERGING TECHNIQUES AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT.- Improvement Opportunities in Retail Logistics.- A Dynamic Real-time Vehicle Routing System for Distribution Operations.- Bargaining and Alliances in Supply Chains .- Last-mile Supply Chain Integration: Easy Connection and Information Exchange between Suppliers and Retailers.- Extending ECR into Product Innovation.- PART 2: MULTICHANNEL RETAILING: RELATIONSHIPS, INTEGRATION AND ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMATIONS.- Multichannel Retailing and Brand Policy.- Developing Alternative Store Layouts for Internet Retailing .- In Search for Viable e-Solutions.- PART 3: BEYOND CPFR: DEFINING THE FUTURE OF SUPPLY CHAIN COLLABORATION.- On Shelf Availability: An Examination of the Extent, the Causes and the Efforts to Address Retail Out-of-Stocks.- Increasing Shelf Availability through Internet-Based Information Sharing and Collaborative Store Ordering .- Towards the Development of an Algorithm to Discover Out-Of-Shelf Situations.- Food Value Chain Analysis.- PART 4: BEYOND RFID: SUPPORTING SUPPLY-CHAIN MANAGEMENT WITH INTELLIGENT TAGGING.- Turning Signals into Profits in the RFID-Enabled Supply Chain.- Shopping in the 21st century: Embedding Technology in the Retail Arena.- Towards 'Smarter' Supply and Demand-Chain Collaboration Practices enabled by RFID Technology.


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