Constrained Control and Estimation

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September 2004



Recent developments in constrained control and estimation have created a need for this comprehensive introduction to the underlying fundamental principles. These advances have significantly broadened the realm of application of constrained control.
- Using the principal tools of prediction and optimisation, examples of how to deal with constraints are given, placing emphasis on model predictive control.
- New results combine a number of methods in a unique way, enabling you to build on your background in estimation theory, linear control, stability theory and state-space methods.

- Companion web site, continually updated by the authors. Easy to read and at the same time containing a high level of technical detail, this self-contained, new approach to methods for constrained control in design will give you a full understanding of the subject.


Foundations.- Overview of Optimisation Theory.- Fixed Horizon Optimal Control with Constraints.- Receding Horizon Optimal Control with Constraints.- Constrained Linear Quadratic Optimal Control.- Global Characterisation of Constrained Linear Quadratic Optimal Control.- Regional Characterisation of Constrained Linear Quadratic Optimal Control.- Computational Issues in Constrained Optimal Control.- Constrained Estimation.- Duality Between Constrained Estimation and Control.- Further Developments.- The Hessian in the QP Problem: Singular Value Structure and Related Algorithms.- Output Feedback Optimal Control with Constraints.- Finite Alphabet Controllers and Estimators.- Case Studies.- Rudder Roll Stabilisation of Ships.- Cross-Directional Control.- Control over Communication Networks.


From the reviews:
This book provides a seminal foundation for unifying constrained control and constrained estimation within the framework of nonlinear programming... A lot of thought and years of work have gone into developing this complete picture of an extremely complex field... Important geometric intuition is given on every front. The presentation style is lucid and makes for fascinating reading and study. In this day and age, the mathermatical demonstrations and proofs are welcome, while the case studies show the practical relevance of the approach as laid out in this very welcome book.
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 51 (2006) 176 - 177 (Reviewer: Frank L. Lewis)

This is an excellent book dealing with the important topic of constrained control and estimation. Constraints are present in all real systems and have been somewhat neglected by most of the existing control techniques with only a few exceptions such as MPC. Although the book cannot be classified as an MPC book, a significant part of the text is dedicated to receding horizon control and this work comlements and is a valuable addition to the list of existing MPC books.
The book is self-contained, with an extensive list of references, well-structured, and covers a wide range of topics required for constrained control and estimation. It is presented with a sufficient level of detail and mathematical rigor to be used as a textbook for research students or as the basis of a self-study programme for practitioners in constrained control and estimation.
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 17 (2007) 347 - 354 (Reviewer: Eduardo F. Camacho)

This book is a study on ... problems for linear finite-dimensional discrete-time systems.... References and an index are included at the end.... this book is worth acquiring for those involved in control system design, and it produces a valuable contribution to the area of constrained control systems.
Zentralblatt MATH 1078 (2006) (Reviewer: A. Akutowicz)
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