CONCUR 2002 - Concurrency Theory

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August 2002



This volume contains the proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR 2002)held in Brno, Czech Republic, August 20-23, 2002. The purpose of the CONCUR conferences is to bring together researchers, - velopers and students in order to advance the theory of concurrency, and promote its applications. Interest in this topic is continuously growing, as a consequence of the importance and ubiquity of concurrent systems and their applications, and of the scienti?c relevance of their foundations. The scope covers all areas of semantics, logics and veri?cation techniques for concurrent systems. T- ics include concurrency-related aspects of models of computation and semantic domains, process algebras, Petri nets, event structures, real-time systems, - brid systems, probabilistic systems, model-checking, veri?cation techniques, - ?nement techniques, term and graph rewriting, distributed programming, logic constraint programming, object-oriented programming, typing systems and - gorithms, security, case studies, tools and environments for programming and veri?cation. The ?rst two CONCUR conferences were held in Amsterdam (The Neth- lands)in 1990 and 1991, the following ones in Stony Brook (USA), Hildesheim (Germany), Uppsala (Sweden), Philadelphia (USA), Pisa (Italy), Warsaw (Poland), Nice (France), Eindhoven (The Netherlands), University Park (Pe- sylvania, USA), and Aalborg (Denmark). The proceedings have appeared in Springer LNCS, as Vols. 458, 527, 630, 715, 836, 962, 1119, 1243, 1466, 1664, 1877, and 2154. Out of 101 regular papers submitted this year, 32 were accepted for p- sentation at the conference and are included in this volume.


Invited Talks.- Refinement and Verification Applied to an In-Flight Data Acquisition Unit*.- A Deductive Proof System for CTL*.- Event-State Duality: The Enriched Case.- Expressive Power of Temporal Logics.- Types, or: Where's the Difference Between CCS and ??.- Invited Tutorials.- to Modal and Temporal Mu-Calculi.- Types for Cryptographic Protocols.- Verification, Model Checking.- Network Invariants in Action*.- Regular Model Checking Made Simple and Effcient*.- A Hierarchy of Polynomial-Time Computable Simulations for Automata.- A Decidable Class of Asynchronous Distributed Controllers.- Alphabet-Based Synchronisation is Exponentially Cheaper.- Safe Realizability of High-Level Message Sequence Charts*.- Widening the Boundary between Decidable and Undecidable Hybrid Systems*.- Logic.- A Spatial Logic for Concurrency (Part II).- Reducing Model Checking from Multi-valued CTL* to CTL*.- Local Model Checking Games for Fixed Point Logic with Chop.- A Decidable Fixpoint Logic for Time-Outs*.- Mobility.- A Calculus of Mobile Resources*.- Using Ambients to Control Resources*.- Typing and Subtyping Mobility in Boxed Ambients*.- Orchestrating Transactions in Join Calculus*.- Probabilistic Systems.- Simulation for Continuous-Time Markov Chains.- Weak Bisimulation is Sound and Complete for PCTL*.- Decision Algorithms for Probabilistic Bisimulation*.- Models of Computation, Process Algebra.- Axiomatizing an Algebra of Step Reactions for Synchronous Languages.- Regular Sets of Pomsets with Autoconcurrency.- The Fusion Machine.- HOPLA-A Higher-Order Process Language.- A First Order Coalgebraic Model of ?-Calculus Early Observational Equivalence*.- Traces, Pomsets, Fairness and Full Abstraction for Communicating Processes.- Security.- A Framework for the Analysis of Security Protocols*.- On Name Generation and Set-Based Analysis in the Dolev-Yao Model.- On the Decidability of Cryptographic Protocols with Open-Ended Data Structures.- Petri Nets.- Causality Semantics of Petri Nets with Weighted Inhibitor Arcs.- Refinement-Robust Fairness.- Bisimulation.- Decidability of Strong Bisimilarity for Timed BPP.- Undecidability of Weak Bisimilarity for Pushdown Processes.- Why Is Simulation Harder than Bisimulation?.


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