Computer Simulations in Condensed Matter: From Materials to Chemical Biology. Volume 2

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November 2006



This extensive and comprehensive collection of lectures by world-leading experts in the field introduces and reviews all relevant computer simulation methods and their applications in condensed matter systems. Volume 2 offers surveys on numerical experiments carried out for a great number of systems, ranging from materials sciences to chemical biology, including supercooled liquids, spin glasses, colloids, polymers, liquid crystals, biological membranes and folding proteins.


Computer Simulation of Supercooled Liquids: W. Kob.- Numerical Simulations of Spin Glasses: Methods And Some Recent Results: A.P. Young.- Dipolar Fluctuations in the Bulk and at Interfaces: V. Ballenegger, R. Blaak and J-P. Hansen.- Theory and Simulation of Friction and Lubrication: M.H. Mueser.- Simulation of Nanodroplets on Solid Surfaces: Wetting, Spreading and Bridging: A. Milchev.- Monte Carlo Simulations of Compressible Ising Models: Do We Understand Them?: D.P. Landau, B. Dunweg, M. Laradji, F. Tavazza, J. Adler, L. Cannavaccioulo and X Zhu.- Computer Simulation of Colloidal Suspensions: H. Loewen.- Phase Transitions of Model Colloids in External Fields: P. Nielaba.- Computer Simulation of Liquid Crystals: M.P. Allen.- Coarse-Grained Moels of Complex Fluieds at Equlibrium and Unter Shear: F. Schmid.- Mesoscopic Simulations of Biological Membranes: B.Smit, M. Kraneburg, M.M. Sperotto and M. Venturoli.- Mircroscopic Elasticity of Complex Systems: J-L. Barrat.- Mesoscopic Simulatons for Problems With Hysdrodynamics, With Emphasis on Polymer Dynamics: B. Duenweg.- Polymer Dynamics: Long Time Simulatons and Topological Constraints: K. Kremer.- Reaction Kinetica of Coarse-Grained Equilibrium Polymers: a Brownian Dynamics Study: C-C. Huang, H. Xu, F. Creve, J. Wittmer and J-P. Ryckaert.- Equlibration and Coarse-Grining Methods for Polymers: D.N. Theodorou.- Drug-Targe Binding Investigated by Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanics Methods: U. Roethlisberger and P. Carloni.- Rdox Freee Energies From Vertical Energy Gaps: Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Implementation: J. Blumberger and M. Sprik.- Advanced Car-Parrinello Techniques: Path Integrals and Nonadiabaticity in Condensed Matter Simulations: D. Marx.- Evolutionary Design in Biological Physics and Materials Science: M. Yan, J-M. Park and M.W. Deem.- Monte-Carlo Methods in Studies of Protein Folding and Evolution: E. Shakhnovich.
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