Computer Safety, Reliability and Security

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Oktober 2001



This year we celebrated another anniversary: after 20 years of SAFECOMP in 1999, th this was the 20 SAFECOMP since its inauguration in 1979. This series of events focuses on critical computer applications. It is intended to be a platform for knowledge transfer between academia, industry, and research institutions. Papers are solicited on all aspects of computer systems in which safety, reliability, and security (applied to safety in terms of integrity and availability) are of importance. The 20th SAFECOMP tried to cover new grounds, both thematically and geographically. The previous 19 SAFECOMPs were held in Austria (1989, 1996), France (1987, 1999), Germany (1979, 1988, 1998), Great Britain (1983, 1986, 1990, 1997), Italy (1985, 1995), Norway (1991), Poland (1993), Switzerland (1992), The th Netherlands (2000), and in the USA (1981, 1992), whereas the 20 was held in Hungary. Authors from 13 countries responded to the Call for Papers, and 10 countries were represented in the final program. The proceedings include 20 papers plus 3 invited papers, covering the areas Reliability Assessment and Security, Safety Case and Safety Analysis, Testing, Formal Methods, Control Systems, and this year covering new grounds with a special emphasis on Human Machine Interface, Components off the Shelf, and Medical Systems.


Invited Paper.- Designing Safety into Medical Decisions and Clinical Processes.- Reliability Asessment and Security.- Security Assessments of Safety Critical Systems Using HAZOPs.- Network Security for Substation Automation Systems.- A Bayesian Belief Network for Reliability Assessment.- Safety Case and Safety Analysis.- Checking General Safety Criteria on UML Statecharts.- Presenting a Safety Case - A Case Study -.- Safety Functions versus Control Functions.- Medical Systems.- A Fail-Safe Dual Channel Robot Control for Surgery Applications.- Invited Paper.- Modeling the Human in Human Factors.- Human Machine Interface.- Analyzing Human-Machine Interactions in Safety-Critical Systems: A Basic Applicable Approach.- Analysis of Incidents Involving Interactive Systems.- COTS - Components off the Shelf.- Experimental Evaluation of Fault Handling Mechanisms.- The COTS Debate in Perspective.- Testing.- An Investigation on Mutation Strategies for Fault Injection into RDD-100 Models.- A Comparison Study of the Behavior of Equivalent Algorithms in Fault Injection Experiments in Parallel Superscalar Architectures.- The Effectiveness of Statistical Testing when Applied to Logic Systems.- Formal Methods.- A Classification Scheme for Software Verification Tools with Regard to RTCA/DO-178B.- Safety Patterns - The Key to Formal Specification of Safety Requirements.- Formal Support for Fault Modelling and Analysis.- Project Experience with IEC 61508 and Its Consequences.- Project Experience with IEC 61508 and Its Consequences.- About the Design of Distributed Control Systems: The Quasi-Synchronous approach.- About the Design of Distributed Control Systems: The Quasi-Synchronous Approach.- Dependability Evaluation From Functional to Structural Modelling.- Dependability Evaluation.- Tuning of Database Audits to Improve Scheduled Maintenance in Communication Systems.- Tuning of Database Audits to Improve Scheduled Maintenance in Communication Systems.


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