Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval

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This book constitutes the post-proceedings of the Third International Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval Symposium, CMMR 2005. The 24 revised full papers address a broad variety of topics, organized in topical sections on sound synthesis; music perception and cognition; interactive music: interface, interaction, gestures and sensors, music composition; music retrieval; music performance, music analysis, music representation; as well as interdisciplinarity and computer music.


Dynamic Simulation of Note Transitions in Reed Instruments: Application to the Clarinet and the Saxophone.- The BRASS Project, from Physical Models to Virtual Musical Instruments: Playability Issues.- The pureCMusic (pCM++) Framework as Open-Source Music Language.- Timbre Variations as an Attribute of Naturalness in Clarinet Play.- Scoregram: Displaying Gross Timbre Information from a Score.- A Possible Model for Predicting Listeners' Emotional Engagement.- About the Determination of Key of a Musical Excerpt.- An Interactive Musical Exhibit Based on Infrared Sensors.- Metris: A Game Environment for Music Performance.- Strategies for the Control of Microsound Synthesis Within the "GMU" Project.- Building Low-Cost Music Controllers.- Evaluation of Sensors as Input Devices for Computer Music Interfaces.- Aspects of the Multiple Musical Gestures.- Gran Cassa and the Adaptive Instrument Feed-Drum.- Generating and Modifying Melody Using Editable Noise Function.- Unifying Performer and Accompaniment.- Recognizing Chords with EDS: Part One.- Improving Prototypical Artist Detection by Penalizing Exorbitant Popularity.- Music Analysis and Modeling Through Petri Nets.- A Review on Techniques for the Extraction of Transients in Musical Signals.- Dimensionality Reduction in Harmonic Modeling for Music Information Retrieval.- Abstracting Musical Queries: Towards a Musicologist's Workbench.- An Editor for Lute Tablature.- Interdisciplinarity and Computer Music Modeling and Information Retrieval: When Will the Humanities Get into the Act?.


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