Computer Aided Verification

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification, CAV 2013 held in St. Petersburg, Russia in July 2013. The 54 regular and 16 tool papers presented were carefully selected from 209 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on biology, concurrency, hardware, hybrid systems, interpolation, loops and termination, new domains, probability and statistics, SAT and SMZ, security, shape analysis, synthesis, and time.


Automata Networks.- Model-Checking Signal Transduction Networks through Decreasing Reachability Sets.- TTP: Tool for Tumor Progression.- Exploring Parameter Space of Stochastic Biochemical Systems using Quantitative Model Checking.- Parameterized Verification of Asynchronous Shared-Memory Systems.- Partial Orders for Efficient BMC of Concurrent Software.- Incremental, Inductive Coverability.- Automatic linearizability proofs of concurrent objects with cooperating.- Updates.- Duet: Static Analysis for Unbounded Parallelism.- SVA and PSL Local Variables.- A Practical Approach.- Formal Verification of Hardware Synthesis.- CacBDD: A BDD Package with Dynamic Cache Management.- Distributed Explicit State Model Checking of Deadlock Freedom.- Exponential-Condition-Based Barrier Certificate Generation for Safety.- Verification of Hybrid Systems .- Efficient Robust Monitoring for STL.- Abstraction based Model-Checking of Stability of Hybrid Systems.- Faster Algorithms for Markov Decision Processes with Low Tree width.- Automata with Generalized Rabin Pairs for Probabilistic Model Checking and LTL Synthesis.- Importance Splitting for Statistical Model Checking Rare Properties.- Minimal Sets over Monotone Predicates in Boolean Formulae.- Smten: Automatic Translation of High-level Symbolic Computations into SMT Queries.- QUAIL: a quantitative security analyzer for imperative code.- Effectively Propositional Reasoning about Reachability in Linked Data Structures.- Learning Universally Quantified Invariants of Linear Data Structures.- GOAL for Games, Omega-Automata, and Logics.- Efficient synthesis for concurrency using semantics-preserving Transformations.
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