Complications in Cutaneous Surgery

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The demand for outpatient cutaneous surgery procedures has increased at a rapid rate over the last several decades. Cosmetic, oncology, and reconstructive procedures are being performed by primary care physicians and a variety of specialists in different disciplines such as dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and otolaryngology. As the number of cutaneous surgery procedures rises, so will the rate of complications, which are inevitable and occur even with the most skilled, careful, and meticulous surgeons. In the practice of medicine, we often learn more from our complications than our triumphs. The authors of each chapter of Complications in Cutaneous Surgery were recruited to contribute based on their experience and respective areas of expertise. As of this writing, no other book specifically addresses complications in cutaneous surgery. The goal of this volume is to provide a comprehensive text that will enable the practicing physician to formulate a preoperative strategy to not only prevent complications before they occur but also to properly diagnose and manage complications when they arise, allowing the physician to provide optimal care to the patient.


Acute Surgical Complications.- Preoperative Evaluation.- Acute Emergencies in the Dermatology Office.- Nerve Injury.- Hemorrhagic Complications in Cutaneous Surgery.- Wound Infections.- Prophylaxis for Wound Infections and Endocarditis.- Dehiscence and Necrosis.- Chronic Surgical Complications.- Hypertrophic Scars and Keloids.- Free Margin Distortion.- Scar Revision and Camouflage.- Miscellaneous Complications.- Complications of Cosmetic Procedures.- Preoperative Cosmetic Consultation and Psychological Complications of Cosmetic Surgery.- Complications of Ablative and Nonablative Lasers and Light Sources.- Complications of Dermabrasion and Chemical Peeling Procedures.- Complications of Liposuction.- Complications of Soft Tissue Fillers.- Complications of Botulinum Toxin.- Complications of Sclerotherapy.- Complications of Facelifting Procedures.


From the reviews:
"This useful book outlines the common complications that can occur in cutaneous surgery. This information can be found in other books, but not in such a focused and concentrated style. The audience includes surgeons from residents to experienced practitioners. ... This book is great - useful, complete, and discussing a topic not well covered in the literature. It should be required reading for all residents expecting to practice cutaneous surgery." (Jon C Starr, Doody's Review Service, May 2008)
"...a must-read for clinicians setting up a clinical practice, especially a general dermatology practice incorporating dermatologic surgery." (Cory A. Dunnick and Robert P. Dellavalle, JAMA, July 2008)
"The multiauthored book is nearly evenly divided into sections on acute surgical complications ... . There is an extensive discussion of wound problems from dehiscence to hypertrophic scars and keloids. ... Overall, this is a unique and valuable text. The multiauthored format includes many prominent dermatologic surgeons from around the United States. ... I believe this is a textbook that should be read by every dermatologic surgeon." (Dermatologic Surgery Journal, Vol. 35 (5), 2009)
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