Complex Analysis. Joensuu 1978

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Oktober 1979



Romanian Finnish Seminar on Complex Analysis


An extremal displacement mapping in n-space.- On the Grötzsch and Rengel inequalities.- On intertwining dilations. VII.- The Stieltjes cone is logarithmically convex.- Characterizations of normal meromorphic functions.- About capacities and moduli in infinite-dimensional spaces.- An application of quasi-conformal methods to a problem in value-distribution theory.- Some Jacobian varieties which split.- Singular points of theta functions, quadric relations and holomorphic differentials with prescribed zeros.- Harmonic morphisms.- Notes on cluster sets at ideal boundary points.- A technique for extending quasiconformal embeddings.- Uniform harmonic approximation on unbounded sets.- Associated measures and the quasiconformality.- Reality of the zeros of derivatives of a meromorphic function.- Some results on functions of bounded index.- The boundary behavior of analytic mappings of Riemann surfaces.- The Schottky space in dimensions greater than two.- Some exceptional sets in potential theory.- Zur Werteverteilung der Lösungen linearer Differentialgleichungen.- Müntz approximation on arcs and macintyre exponents.- An entire function with irregular growth and more than one deficient value.- On the Carathéodory metric on the universal Teichmüller space.- On holomorphic continuability of quasiregular functions.- Differential equations associated with harmonic spaces.- Problems in the theory of closed Riemann surfaces.- Continuation of quasiconformal mappings.- A theorem for entire functions of infinite order.- Quasiregular mappings.- Sur la theorie des fonctions finement holomorphes (II).- Integral means and the theorem of Hamilton, Reich and Strebel.- Inner functions with a level-set of infinite length.- On the uniqueness problem for extremal quasiconformal mappings with prescribed boundary values.- Extensions of quasiconformal deformations.- Removable singularities of analytic and meromorphic functions of several complex variables.- Ahlfors' trivial deformations and Liouville's theorem in Rn.- An application of the calculus of variations for general families of quasiconformal mappings.- Bers' Teichmüller spaces of klein surfaces.- Growth problems for a class of entire functions via singular integral estimates.- Bemerkung zu einem Satz von Yosida.- Inflatable families of holomorphic functions.- Inner-outer factorization on multiply connected domains.- Defect relations of holomorphic curves and their associated curves in CPm.- Boundary behaviors of quasiregular mappings.- On the maximal outer function of a semi-spectral measure.- Commuting systems of operators and integral homomorphisms.- Lower bounds for the n-moduli of path families with applications to boundary behavior of quasiconformal and quasiregular mappings.- Potential theory and approximation of analytic functions by rational interpolation.
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Untertitel: Proceedings of the Colloquium on Complex Analysis, Joensuu, Finland, August 24-27, 1978. 1979. Auflage. Book. Sprachen: Deutsch Englisch Französisch.
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