Complex Analysis - Fifth Romanian-Finnish Seminar. Proceedings of the Seminar Held in Bucharest, June 28 - July 3, 1981

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November 1983



Un théorème d'annulation pour les fibrés en droites semi-positifs sur une variété kählérienne faiblement 1-complète.
Some results on mixed manifolds.
Holomorphic reductions of homogeneous spaces.
Espaces mixtes.
Equivalence indefiniment differentiable et equivalence analytique reelle pour les germes d'ensembles analytiques.
Formes de levi d'ordre superieur et reduction des variables dans l'equation d'une hypersurface reelle.
Produktzerlegung und Äquivalenz von Raumkeimen I Der allgemeine Fall.
Produktzerlegung und Äquivalenz von Raumkeimen II Der komplexe Fall.
Pseudovarietes complexes.
Commutative Banach algebras and analytic functions of countable-many variables.
Potentials on locally compact non-abelian groups.
Perturbations in excessive structures.
On the riesz decomposition of bi-excessive measures on locally compact groups.
Standard H-cones and balayage spaces.
Applications of quasi Dirichlet bounded harmonic functions.
Natural localisation of a standard H-cone.
On sub-Markov resolvents. The restriction to an open set and the Dirichlet problem.
Divergence of multipoint Pade approximation.
Dilation of two factorizations.
Boundary value problems for systems with Cauchy-Riemannian main part.
A new tool in the calculos of variations: Gehring's theorem.
Admissible nonlinear perturbation of divergence equations.
Interpolation and domination by positive definite kernels.
On the regularity of the boundary measures.
On stationary processes in complete correlated actions.
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