Compiler Construction

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April 1996



This book presents the refereed proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Compiler Construction, CC '96, held in Linköping, Sweden in April 1996.The 23 revised full papers included were selected from a total of 57 submissions; also included is an invited paper by William Waite entitled "Compiler Construction: Craftsmanship or Engineering?". The book reports the state of the art in the area of theoretical foundations and design of compilers; among the topics addressed are program transformation, software pipelining, compiler optimization, program analysis, program inference, partial evaluation, implementational aspects, and object-oriented compilers.


Pipelining-dovetailing: A transformation to enhance software pipelining for nested loops.- A comparison of modulo scheduling techniques for software pipelining.- Removing anti dependences by repairing.- Controlled Node Splitting.- Aggressive loop unrolling in a retargetable, optimizing compiler.- Generalized Constant Propagation a study in C.- Structuring decompiled graphs.- Non-monotone fixpoint iterations to resolve second order effects.- How to uniformly specify program analysis and transformation with graph rewrite systems.- Points-to analysis by type inference of programs with structures and unions.- Compiler construction: Craftsmanship or engineering?.- Code generation = A* + BURS.- A compiler for natural semantics.- Abstract compilation: A new implementation paradigm for static analysis.- Using partial evaluation in support of portability, reusability, and maintainability.- Incremental computation of static single assignment form.- Efficient storage reuse of aggregates in single assignment languages.- Effective representation of aliases and indirect memory operations in SSA form.- Maptool - supporting modular syntax development.- A faster Earley parser.- One-pass, optimal tree parsing - With or without trees.- Compact dispatch tables for dynamically typed object oriented languages.- Delegating compiler objects.- A parallel debugger with support for distributed arrays, multiple executables and dynamic processes.
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