Comparative Studies in Special Education

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April 1994



This unequaled, all-encompassing collection of international programs on special education will enable educators worldwide to investigate special education practice within its social context to enhance their own initiatives with new ideas.Comparative Studies divides into five sections, each with an introduction to the chapters within. This thorough text begins with limited special education in such venues as South Africa, and Senegal. Section Two addresses emerging special education in Nigeria, Brazil, and several other locales. Segregated special education in Japan, Russia, and other countries makes up Section Three, and Section Four explores countries that are approaching integration, such as Poland and Australia. Integrated special education is described in Scandinavia, New Zealand, and other nations in the final section.More than 50 noted scholars have contributed to this important work, offering every involved student and practitioner an indispensable, detailed frame of reference in which to assess education programs worldwide for all special populations -- blind, deaf, physically and mentally disabled, and all others.

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