Communication in Medical Care: Interaction Between Primary Care Physicians and Patients

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This 2006 volume provides a comprehensive discussion of communication between doctors and patients in primary care consultations.


1. Introduction: analyzing interaction between doctors and patients in primary care encounters John Heritage and Douglas W. Maynard; 2. Soliciting patients' presenting concerns Jeffrey Robinson; 3. Accounting for the visit: giving reasons for seeking medical care John Heritage and Jeffrey Robinson; 4. Realizing the illness: patients' narratives of symptom discovery Tim Halkowski; 5. Explaining illness: patients' proposals and physicians' responses Virginia Gill and Douglas W. Maynard; 6. Taking the history: questioning during comprehensive history taking Elizabeth Boyd and John Heritage; 7. Body work: the collaborative production of the clinical object Christian Heath; 8. Communicating and responding to diagnosis Anssi Perakyla; 9. On diagnostic rationality: bad news, good news, and the symptom residue Douglas W. Maynard and Richard M. Frankel; 10. Treatment decisions: negotiations between doctors and patients in acute care encounters Tanya Stivers; 11. Prescriptions and prescribing: co-ordinating talk and text-based activities David Greatbach; 12. Lifestyle discussions in medical interviews Marja-Leena Sorjonen, Liisa Raevaara, Markku Haakana, Tuukka Tammi and Anssi Perakyla; 13. Co-ordinating closings in medical interviews: producing continuity of care Candace West; 14. Mis-alignments in 'after-hours' calls to a British GP's practice: a study in telephone medicine Paul Drew.


John Heritage is Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles. Douglas W. Maynard is Professor of Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
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