Communication and Architectural Support for Network-Based Parallel Computing

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Januar 1997



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Workshop on Communication and Architectural Support for Network-Based Parallel Computing, CANPC'97, held in San Antonio, Texas, USA, in February 1997.The 19 revised full papers presented were carefully selected from a total of 36 submissions. Among the topics addressed are processor/network interfaces, communication protocols, high-performance network technology, operating systems and architectural issues, and load balancing techniques. All in all, the papers competently describe the state-of-the-art for network-based computing systems.


Efficient communication mechanisms for cluster based parallel computing.- Stream sockets on SHRIMP.- A simple and efficient process and communication abstraction for network operating systems.- Efficient adaptive routing in networks of workstations with irregular topology.- A deadlock avoidance method for computer networks.- Extending ATM networks for efficient reliable multicast.- ATLAS I: A single-chip ATM switch for NOWs.- Arachne: A portable threads library supporting migrant threads on heterogeneous network farms.- Transparent treatment of remote pointers using IPC primitive in RPC systems.- An Operating System support to low-overhead communications in NOW clusters.- Distributed hardware support for process synchronization in NSM workstation clusters.- Synchronization support in I/O adapter based SCI clusters.- Load balancing for regular data-parallel applications on workstation network.- A comparison of three high speed networks for parallel cluster computing.- Understanding the performance of DSM applications.- Performance metrics and measurement techniques of collective communication services.- CLAM: Connection-less, Lightweight, and Multiway communication support for distributed computing.- Network-wide cooperative computing architecture (NCCA).- Data movement and control substrate for parallel scientific computing.
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