Collective Violence: Harmful Behavior in Groups and Governments

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This collection presents a range of theoretical and disciplinary approaches to the subject of collective violence. The distinguished contributors investigate the factors that contribute to the social context of violence, and examine the ways of thinking that allow participation in harmful activities.


Part 1 Understanding the Sources of Collective Violence: Empirical and Theoretical Work Chapter 2 A Social-Psychological Analysis of African American and Korean American Relations in Los Angeles Chapter 3 Understanding Genocidal Killing in the Former Yugoslavia: Preliminary Observations Chapter 4 The Psychology of Political Decision Making and Aboriginal Rights in Canada Chapter 5 American Genocide: The Destruction of the Black Underclass Chapter 6 Collective Violence in Prisons: Psychosocial Dimensions and Ritualistic Transformations Chapter 7 Beyond the Conceptualization of Terrorism: A Psychological-Structural Model of the Causes of This Activity Part 8 Responding to the Problem of Collective Violence Chapter 9 Predicting Collective Violence: The Psychological and Cultural Roots of Turning against Others Chapter 10 The Prospects for a Nongenocidal World: Reflections on Why There Still Can Be Hope


Craig Summers is associate professor of psychology at Laurentian University. His articles have appeared in many journals, including The Journal of Humanistic Psychology, Ethics and Behavior, and Behavorial and Brain Sciences. Eric Markusen is professor of sociology and social work at Southwest State University, Minnesota. He is the co-author, with David Kops, of The Holocaust and Strategic Bombing: Genocide and Total War in the Twentieth Century (Westview) and with Robert Jay Lifton of The Genocidal Mentality: Nazi Holocaust and Nuclear Threat (Basic Books).


A well-sequenced offering on a highly significant topic... An important contribution to a domain of very substantial interest to several disciplines. -- Arnold P. Goldstein, director, Center for Research on Aggression at Syracuse University
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