Collaboration in Teacher Education

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Oktober 2003



This book systematically explores and reflects on a variety of issues related to collaborative mathematics teacher education practice and research - such as classroom coaching, mentoring or co-learning agreements - highlighting the evolution and implications of collaborative enterprises in different cultural settings. It is relevant to educational researchers, research students and practitioners.


Prologue.- One: Investigating Initial and Ongoing Teacher Education.- 1 A Journey towards Collaboration.- 2 Collaboration and Sharing as Crucial Elements of Professional Development.- 3 The Evolution of an Interdisciplinary Collaborative for Pre-Service Teacher Reform-Research Informs Practice.- 4 An Approach to Collaboration in Elementary Pre-Service Teacher Education.- Two: Further Issues in Teacher Education.- 5 Classroom Coaching as a Collaborative Activity in Professional Development.- 6 A Collaborative Project Using Narratives-What Happens when Pupils Work on Mathematical Investigations?.- 7 The Role of Collaboration for Developing Teacher-Researchers.- 8 Sharing Teacher Training Methods-The Case of Problematic Learning Situations in Geometry.- Three: Working with Other Important Partners in Different Socio-Cultural Contexts.- 9 Co-Learning in the Collaborative Mathematics Classroom.- 10 Collaborative Practice with Parents-The Role of the Researcher as Mediator.- 11 The Role of the Principal in Mathematics Teacher Development-Bridging the Dichotomy between Leadership and Collaboration.- 12 Intercultural Collaboration: A Celebration of Commonalties and Differences.- Four: Alternative Perspectives on Collaboration.- 13 A Case for Collaborative Staff Development-A Path Layered while Walking.- 14 Collaborative Reflection through Sharing Significant Incidents.- 15 More than Collaboration: Concern, Connection, Community and Curriculum.- Epilogue.
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