Cognitive Processes and Spatial Orientation in Animal and Man

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Februar 1987



Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, La-Baume-les-Aix (Aix-en-Provence), France, June 27-July 7, 1985


Section I. Basic and clinical findings..- Behaviorally dependent neuronal gating in the hippocampus.- Temporally constant and temporally changing spatial memory : single unit correlates in the hippocampus.- The vestibular navigation hypothesis : a progress report.- Coordinate representations underlying arm movements in three-dimensional space.- Cognitive versus sensorimotor encoding of spatial information.- Spatial cognition in man; The evidence from cerebral lesions.- Mapping operations, spatial memory and cholinergic mechanisms.- Effects of dentate granule cell depletion in rats : failure to recall more than one event at the same place.- The septal lesioned rat forever here.- Basal ganglia, instrumental and spatial learning.- Reaching in the extrapersonal space or how to catch a moving object.- Superior colliculus, hippocampus and spatial behaviour.- Changes in neuronal activity of motor cortical areas associated with the coding of spatial parameters of the movement : preliminary results.- Cerebral lesions and internal spatial representations.- The encoding and recall of spatial location after right hippocampal lesions in man.- A case of dissociation in topographical disorders : the selective breakdown of vector-map representation.- Section II. Development of spatial knowledge..- Early development of spatial orientation in humans.- Children's understanding of maps.- Space, organism and objects, a Piagetian approach.- Human spatial reference systems.- Detour ability in infants and toddlers.- Developmental and experiential aspects of children's spatial problem solving.- The relation between locomotor experience and spatial knowledge in infancy.- Cognitive influences on the acquisition of route knowledge in children and adults.- Cognitive and motor representations of space and their use in human visually-guided locomotion.- Conclusion.- A sense of where you are : functions of the spatial module.- Authors Index.
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