Cognition and Communication at Work

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April 2004



This book brings together contributions from researchers within various social science disciplines who seek to redefine the methods and topics that constitute the study of work. They investigate work activity in ways that do not reduce it to a "psychology" of individual cognition or to a "sociology" of societal structures and communication. A key theme in the material is the relationship between theory and practice. Mindful practices and communicative interaction are examined as situated issues at work in the reproduction of communities of practice in a variety of settings including: courts of law, computer software design, the piloting of airliners, the coordination of air traffic control, and traffic management in underground railway systems.


1. Introduction: studying work as mindful practice Yrjo Engestrom, David Middleton; 2. Distributed cognition in an airline cockpit Edwin Hutchins, Tove Klausen; 3. Constituting shared workspaces Lucy Suchman; 4. Seeing as situated activity: formulating planes Charles Goodwin, Marjorie Harness Goodwin; 5. Convergent activities: line control and passenger information on the London Underground Christian Heath and Paul Luff; 6. Users and designers in mutual activity: An analysis of cooperative activities in systems design Susanne Bodker, Kaj Gronb'k; 7. System disturbances as springboard for development of operators' expertise Leena Norros; 8. Expert and novice differences in cognition and activity: A practical work activity Edith A. Laufer; 9. The tensions of judging: handling cases of driving under the influence of alcohol in Finland and California Yrjo Engestrom; 10. Talking work: argument, common knowledge and improvisation in teamwork David Middleton; 11. Scientific 'genius' and laboratory signatures Chandra Mukerji; 12. Experience and the collective nature of skill Harley Shaiken; 13. Working together: Symbolic interactionism, activity theory and distributed artificial intelligence Susan Leigh Star; 14. On the ethnography of cooperative work Arne Raeithel.
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