Clinician's Guide to Chronic Headache and Facial Pain

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November 2009



As headache and facial pain are two of the most common medical complaints, it is essential that clinicians are well equipped to handle these issues. Clinician's Guide to Chronic Headache and Facial Pain is designed for all clinicians dealing with these syndromes in daily practice-whether in the outpatient, emergency, or ambulatory setting. Features: * Presents the advice of 12 experts with considerable experience in headache and facial pain management * Contains evidence-based chapters derived from past successes and failures and including clear, concise statistical outcomes * Reviews both traditional and alternative interdisciplinary and interventional pain management therapies to help practitioners choose the best treatment or combination of treatments for their patients * Offers broad-based coverage of all types of headaches and facial pain syndromes from facial neuralgias to post-traumatic headache * Includes additional chapters on opioid usage and legal aspects of treatment help to prepare practitioners for a range of possible scenarios Devoted exclusively to managing chronic headache and facial pain, this book is an essential resource for clinicians.


HEADACHE Migraine Roger K. Cady and Kathleen Farmer Tension-Type Headache
Paul Mathew and B. Lee Peterlin Posttraumatic Headache
Gary W. Jay Cervicogenic Headache
Frederick R. Taylor Cluster Headache
Frederick G. Freitag Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias
Gary D. Klasser Trigeminal Neuralgia
Gary W. Jay Persistent Idiopathic Facial Pain
Bernadette Jaeger Orofacial Pain Syndromes and Other Facial Neuralgias
Gary W. Jay

OTHER HEADACHE AND PAIN TREATMENTS Psychological Aspects of Chronic Noncancer Pain
Gary W. Jay and Richard H. Cox Neuropsychological Aspects of Neuropathic Pain
Richard H. Cox Interdisciplinary Treatment of Chronic Noncancer Pain
Gary W. Jay Interventional Pain Medicine in the Treatment of Chronic Noncancer Pain-An Update
Gary W. Jay Acupuncture
Peter T. Dorsher Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the Management of Chronic Pain
Alan K. Halperin

MEDICATIONS Nonopiate Analgesics and Adjuvants
Gary W. Jay Opioid Medications and Correct Medical Usage-An Update
Gary W. Jay Legal Issues in Pain Management
Jennifer Bolen Antidepressant Medications
Gary W. Jay Anticonvulsant Medications
Gary W. Jay Migraine Medications
Gary W. Jay
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