Civil Society: History and Possibilities

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September 2001



Discussions of the concept of 'civil society', including its use inside and outside the West.


Part I. Theoretical Traditions in the West: 1. The development of civil society Sunil Khilnani; 2. Concepts of civil society in pre-modern Europe Anthony Black; 3. The contemporary political significance of John Locke's conception of civil society John Dunn; 4. Civil society in the Scottish Enlightenment Fania Oz Salzberger; 5. Enlightenment and the institution of society Keith Michael Baker; 6. Hegel and the economics of civil society Gareth Stedman Jones; 7. Civil society in the Marxist tradition Joseph Femia; Part II. Arguments in the South: 8. Civil society in extra-European perspective Jack Goody; 9. On civil and political societies in post-colonial democracies Partha Chatterjee; 10. Civil society and the fate of the modern Republic in Latin America Luis Castro Leiva and Anthony Pagden; 11. The western concept of civil society in the context of Chinese history Thomas Metzger; 12. Civil society, community and democracy in the Middle East Sami Zubaida; 13. Mistaking 'Governance' for politics: Foreign aid, civil society and democracy Rob Jenkins; 14. The promise of 'civil society' in the South Geoffrey Hawthorn; 15. In search of civil society Sudipta Kaviraj.


'... this collection is unusually coherent in plan and consistent in quality. The editors have assembled an excellent group of authors.' The Times Higher Education Supplement 'The book is notable also in bringing together a highly distinguished array of contributors.' Contemporary Political Theory
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