Christendom and Its Discontents: Exclusion, Persecution, and Rebellion, 1000 1500

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A volume of essays on the sources of dissent and diversity in medieval society.


Preface; Introduction; Part I. Heterodoxy, Dissemination, and Repression: 1. Heresy, repression, and social change in the age of Gregorian reform R. I. Moore; 2. Overcoming reluctance to prosecute heresy in thirteenth-century Italy Peter Diehl; 3. Social stress, social strain, and the inquisitors of medieval Languedoc James Given; 4. The schools and the Waldensians: a new work by Durand of Huesca Mary A. Rouse and Richard H. Rouse; 5. The reception of Arnau de Vilanova's religious ideas Clifford R. Backman; 6. 'Springing cockel in our clene corn': Lollard preaching in England about 1400 Anne Hudson; Part II. Women's Religious Aspirations: 7. Repression or collaboration? the case of Elisabeth and Ekbert of Schonau Anne L. Clark; 8. Prophetic patronage as repression: Lucia Brocadelli da Narni and Ercole d'Este E. Ann Matter; 9. Scandala: controversies concerning clausura and women's religious communities in late medieval Sicily Katherine Gill; Part III. Non-Christian Minorities within Medieval Christendom: 10. The conversion of Minorcan Jews (417-418): an experiment in the history of historiography Carlo Ginzburg; 11. The deteriorating image of the Jews - twelfth and thirteenth centuries Robert Chazan; 12. Monarchs and minorities in the Christian western Mediterranean about 1300: Lucera and its analogues David Abulafia; 13. Muslim Spain and Mediterranean slavery: the medieval slave trade as an aspect of Muslim-Christian relations Olivia Remie Constable; Part IV. Christendom and its Discontents: Rethinking the Boundaries: 14. The tortures of the Body of Christ Gavin I. Langmuir; 15. The holy and the unholy: sainthood, witchcraft, and magic in late medieval Europe Richard Kieckhefer; 16. Transgressing the limits set by the Fathers: authority and impious exegesis in medieval thought Edward M. Peters; Index.


"...well-informed account of the struggle over the definition of the boundaries of tradition in high medieval theology." Glenn W. Olsen, The Catholic Historical Review
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