China's "New" Diplomacy: Tactical or Fundamental Change?

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November 2008



Bringing together Chinese and Western scholars of diplomacy, this book highlights the view that China's 'new' diplomacy is an instrument of foreign policy, a socialising process that fosters both positive and negative change and an important indicator of China's future role.


Introduction: Debating China's Future Diplomatic Role in World Politics; P.Kerr PART
I: STRATEGIC FACTORS China's Strategic Environment: Implications for Diplomacy; S.Harris International Factors and China's External Behavior: Power, Interdependence and Institutions; Q.Yaqing China's Changing Attitude to the Norms of International Law and its Global Impact; A.Kent China's New Diplomacy, Foreign Policy and Defense Strategy; Y.Ji PART
II: DOMESTIC FACTORS The Domestic Sources of China's Foreign Policy and Diplomacy; Z.Liqun Anticipating China's Future Diplomacy: History, Theory and Social Practice; Y.Zhang PART
III: PARTICULAR FEATURES OF CHINA'S NEW DIPLOMACY Continuities and Changes in China's Negotiating Behavior; Z.Qingmin Analyzing Features in China's New Diplomacy: Strategic Dialogues and Multilateral Diplomacy; W.Yan China's 'Unofficial' Diplomacy; B.Taylor Case Studies of China's New Diplomacy: the United States; Latin America; the Six-Party Talks; Energy Security; Regional Neighbors; S.Harris Conclusion: Tactical or Fundamental Change?; P.Kerr , S.Harris & Q.Yaqing


PAULINE KERR PhD (Australian National University) is Fellow and Director of Studies at the Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy (APCD) at the Australian National University.
STUART HARRIS, BEc (Sydney) and PhD (The Australian National University), is Professor in the Department of International Relations at the Australian National University.
QIN YAQING, PhD (Missouri-Columbia) is Executive Vice President and Professor of International Studies at the China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU), Vice-President of the China National Association for International Studies, and Executive Deputy Director of the East Asian Studies Center of CFAU.


"The careful observation and in-depth analysis in this volume is of great help for people to understand the relationship between China and the world as well as China's diplomacy since its reform and opening up."--Li Zhaoqing, former Chinese foreign minister"This outstanding collection of essays, written by prominent scholars of China, Australia, and other countries, addresses the new diplomacy of China in recent years, discussing in a most comprehensive way the domestic and international factors that have helped shape China's diplomatic strategy and practices. "China's New Diplomacy, "with its excellent scholarship that is insightful, informative and well-balanced, is essential reading for anyone interested in China's foreign policy and diplomacy."--Wu Jianmin, former Chinese ambassador to France and the Netherlands
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