China After Socialism: In the Footsteps of Eastern Europe or East Asia?: In the Footsteps of Eastern Europe or East Asia?

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As part of the series "Socialism and Social Movements", this volume explores the conditions and prospects of China moving toward a type of developmental state. The lessons of economic and political reform in Eastern Europe are discussed in relation to the overall topic.


Post-Collective Agrarian Alternatives in Russia and China, Mark Selden; China's Leninist Parliament and Public Sphere - a Comparative Analysis, Barrett L. McCormick; the Political Dynamics of Reform - Learning from the Soviet Experience, Graeme Gill; the Lessons of Economic and Political Reform in Eastern Europe, Robert F. Miller; Corporatism in China - a Developmental State in an East Asian Context, Jonathan Unger and Anita Chan; Chinese Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, Wong Siu-lun; the Political Economy of Late Development in East Asia - China's Financial Reforms in Comparative Perspective, Gordon White and Paul Bowles; Chinese Enterprise Reform - Convergence with the Japanese Model?, Anita Chan; Concluding Thoughts - Reforming Socialism in China - Another New Dragon?, Barrett L. McCormick.
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