Children's Language: Volume 10: Developing Narrative and Discourse Competence

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Januar 2001



This volume presents a coherent set of papers based on several presentations at the IASCL meeting. For scholars of children's language and narrative and its development.


Contents: Preface. A. Aksu-Koc, K.E. Nelson, C.E. Johnson, Introduction. R.A. Berman, Setting the Narrative Scene: How Children Begin to Tell a Story. H.J. Batoreo, I.H. Faria, Representation of Movement in European Portugese: A Study of Children's Narratives. M. Bamberg, Why Young American English-Speaking Children Confuse Anger and Sadness: A Study of Grammar in Practice. G. Wigglesworth, A. Stavans, A Crosscultural Investigation of Australian and Israeli Parents' Narrative Interactions With Their Children. K. Nakamura, The Acquisition of Polite Language by Japanese Children. E. Veneziano, Interactional Processes in the Origins of the Explaining Capacity. K. Reeder, Children's Attributions of Pragmatic Intentions and Early Writing Ability. K.E. Nelson, A. Aksu-Koc, C.E. Johnson, Commentaries.
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