Chaos and Stability in Planetary Systems

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Januar 2006



This book is intended as an introduction to the field of planetary systems at the postgraduate level. It consists of four extensive lectures on Hamiltonian dynamics, celestial mechanics, the structure of extrasolar planetary systems and the formation of planets. As such, this volume is particularly suitable for those who need to understand the substantial connections between these different topics.


Orbit Dynamics, Stability and Chaos in Planetary Systems.- Regular and Chaotic Motion in Hamiltonian Systems.- Planet Formation.- Extrasolar Planetary Systems.



From the reviews:
"This book contains the lectures given at the 3rd Helmholtz Institute for Supercomputational Physics summer school held in Potsdam in 2005. The purpose of this school was to present the basic theory on Hamiltonian Dynamics in general and Celestial Mechanics in particular ... . This book is an excellent introduction to those who wish to study the extrasolar planetary systems, since it provides all the basic theory of dynamics, relevant to this subject and a thorough presentation of the formation of planetary systems ... ." (John D. Hadjidemetriou, Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, Vol. 97 (3), 2007)
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