Challenged by Coeducation: Women's Colleges Since the 1960s

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Challenged by Coeducation details the responses of women's colleges to the most recent wave of coeducation in the mid-twentieth century. Case studies written expressly for this volume include many types of women's colleges: Catholic and secular; Seven Sisters and less prestigious; private and state; liberal arts and more applied; northern, southern, and western; urban and rural; independent and coordinated with a coeducational institution. Despite their dramatic drop in numbers, from 250 to fewer than 60 today, women's colleges are still important, editors Miller-Bernal and Poulson argue. With their commitment to enhancing women's lives, women's colleges and formerly women's colleges can serve as models of egalitarian coeducation.


PART ONE: THE PLACE OF WOMEN'S COLLEGES IN HIGHER EDUCATION; A History of Women's Colleges; Leslie Miller-Bernal; PART TWO: CASE STUDIES OF WOMEN'S COLLEGES THAT HAVE BECOME COEDUCATIONAL OR CLOSED; Vassar College: A Seven Sisters College Chooses Coeducation; Elizabeth Daniels and Clyde Griffen; Coeducation at Wheaton College: From Conscious Coeducation to Distinctive Coeducation; Alan Sadovnik and Susan Semel; A Catholic Women's College Is Absorbed by a University: The Case of Mundelein College; Prudence Moylan; Texas Woman's University: Threats to Institutional Autonomy and Conflict Over the Admission of Men; Claire L. Sahlin; Wells College: The Transition to Coeducation Begins; Leslie Miller-Bernal; PART THREE: CASE STUDIES OF WOMEN'S COLLEGES THAT HAVE REMAINED SINGLE-SEX; Reaffirming the Value of a Women's College: Mills College Changes Its Mind About Admitting Men Undergraduates; Marianne Sheldon; Simmons College: Meeting the Needs of Women Workers; Susan Poulson; Spelman College: A Place All Their Own; Frances D. Graham and Susan Poulson; College of Notre Dame: The Oldest Catholic Women's College Changes with the Times; Dorothy Brown and Eileen O'Dea, SSND; PART FOUR: CASE STUDIES OF AFFILIATED WOMEN'S COLLEGES; Rekindling a Legacy: Barnard College Remains a Women's College; Andrea Walton; Cambridge University's Two Oldest Women's Colleges, Girton and Newnham; Leslie Miller-Bernal; PART FIVE: CONCLUSIONS; The State of Women's Colleges Today; Leslie Miller-Bernal and Susan Poulson.


Leslie Miller-Bernal, Professor of Sociology at Wells College, is the author of Separate by Degree: Women Students' Experiences in Women's and Coeducational Colleges. Susan L. Poulson is Professor of History at the University of Scranton.

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