Cell Culture Methods for In Vitro Toxicology

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Dezember 2001



Cell Culture Methods for in vitro Toxicology introduces the reader to a range of techniques involved in the use of in vitro cell culture in toxicological studies. It deals with major cell types studied in the field of toxicology and will be useful for anyone wishing to start work with animal cell cultures or to refresh their knowledge relating to in vitro cell models. Fundamental chapters deal with the general biology of cytotoxicity and cell immortalisation these are key issues for in vitro systems addressing the `3Rs' principle. Up-to-date overviews deal with the use of cells from liver, brain and intestine. In addition, biochemical analysis of cell responses, biotransformation pathways in cells and recombinant approaches to the early detection of cell stress are also covered in detail. Prominent features of in vitro technologies also include regulation, biosafety and standardisation. Dedicated chapters deal with these issues in a practical way in order to lead the reader to the right source of information. This book provides an up-to-date, informative and practical review of cell culture methods for in vitro toxicology. It will be of equal benefit to students and experienced toxicologists with little experience of in vitro cell culture.


List of Contributors. Preface by the Editor. 1. Standardisation for in vitro Toxicity Test; M. Ferro, A. Doyle. 2. Application of Cell Cultures to Toxicology; I. Freshney. 3. Immortalisation of Primary Cells; G. Stacey, C. MacDonald. 4. Safety Considerations for in vitro Toxicology Testing; B. Jones, G. Stacey. 5. The Drug Metabolizing Enzymatic System and the Experimental Tools Used for in vitro Toxicology for Metabolic Studies; E. Testai. 6. Cell Culture Models for Hepatotoxicology; T. Battle, G. Stacey. 7. Intestinal Cell Culture Models: Applications of Toxicology and Pharmacology; Y. Sambruy, S. Ferruzza, G. Ranaldi, I. de Angelis. 8. Cell Culture Models for Neurotoxicology; G. Stacey, B. Viviani. 9. Recombinant Cell Lines for Stress Reporter Assays; M. Fischbach, P. Bromley. Index.


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