Cardiac Surgery

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The topicS in this book represent the presentations given at the Fifth Annual Meeting entitled "Cardiac Surgery: Current Issues" held at the Frenchman's Reef Beach Resort. St. Thomas. U.S. Virgin Islands. November 11-14. 1992. This symposium was sponsored by the Division of Cardiothoracic Sur­ gery. the School of Cardiovascular Perfusion and the Department of Nursing Education and QUality Assurance of Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center. the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Camden. New Jersey. as well as the Academy of Medicine of New Jersey. Chapter authors were charged with the task of writing brief overviews of major issues related to the field of cardiac surgery. The book is specifically tailored to the needs of cardiothoracic surgeons. cardiovascular perfusionists. allied health professionals and nursing personnel involved in all phases of caring for the cardiac surgical patient. Although intended as a reference source with emphasis on up-dated approaches applied in cardiac surgery. it is hoped that the discussion of these topics will compliment other texts and manuscripts. Obviously.' ;ibook of this length cannot cover the whole multidiSciplinary and complex field of cardiac surgery. However. co-editors are certain that the annual appearance of this text will highlight comprehensive. new and interesting approaches to the field of cardiac surgery.


Transplantation of the Heart and HeartLungs (N.E. Shumway). Physiologic Principles and Clinical Use of Hypothermia (L.K. Davis, R.F. Davis). Anesthetic Evaluation and Management in Bloodless Surgery (N.S. Faithfull). Normothermic Mycocardial Preservation, an Optimal Approach for Myocardial Protection During All Forms of OpenHeart Surgery (R.E. Engelman et al.). Pharmacologic Manipulations to Minimize Bloodloss in Cardiac Surgery (A.C. Cernaianu, A.J. DelRossi). Sutureless Intraluminal Ring Grafts for Aortic Replacement (G.M. Lemole). Immunologic Consequences of Transfusion (P.I. Tartter). Traumatic Rupture of the Thoracic Aorta (R.C. Camishion, J.B. Alexander). Cardiomyoplasty (R.C.J. Chiu). Current Status of Autotransfusion (R.A. Vertrees, A.C. Cernaianu). Transesophageal Echocardiology (W.H. O'Connor). The Use of Circulatory Support in Cardiac Surgery (R.L. Kormos). 9 additional articles. Index.


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