Carbon Capture and Sequestration: Integrating Technology, Monitoring and Regulation

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This book is the first systematic presentation of the technical, legal, and economic forces that must coalesce to realize carbon dioxide capture and geologic sequestration as a viable CO2 reduction strategy. It synthesizes key engineering data and explains the technological and legal conditions that must be in place for carbon sequestration to be realized.


Chapter 1: Carbon Capture and Sequestration in Context: Technology, Regulation, and Social Acceptance. Part I: Technical Overview for Carbon Capture and Sequestration. Chapter 2: Technologies: Separation and Capture. Chapter 3: Modeling to Understand and Simulate Physico-chemical Processes of CO2 Geological Storage. Chapter 4: Monitoring Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide. Chapter 5: Risks Assessment and Management for Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide. Part II: Bridging Technology and Public Policy. Chapter 6: Migration Mechanisms and Potential Impacts of CO2 Leakage and Seepage. Chapter 7: Calculating the Costs of Electric Sector Carbon Mitigation. Chapter 8: Geological Sequestration under Current U.S. Regulations. Chapter 9: Initial Public Perceptions of Deep Geological and Oceanic Disposal of Carbon Dioxide. Chapter 10: Siting Geologic Sequestration. Chapter 11: Property Interests and Liability of Geologic Carbon Dioxide Storage


Elizabeth J. Wilson, Energy and Environmental Policy and Law, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, USA. David Gerard, Executive Director of the Center for the Study & Improvement of Regulation in the Department of Engineering & Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University.


"The strengths of the present volume are its US focus, its expertise in regulation, and its cradle-to-grave approach." (Chemistry World, November 2007)
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