Cancer Symptom Science: Measurement, Mechanisms, and Management

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November 2010



The first interdisciplinary compilation on biobehavioral mechanisms underlying cancer-related symptoms, enhanced by perspectives from scientists, patients, government and industry.


Preface; Foreword; Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction to Cancer Symptom Science Charles S. Cleeland, Adrian J. Dunn and Michael J. Fisch; 2. Researching the mechanisms underlying the symptoms of patients with cancer Adrian J. Dunn; 3. Cytokines, sickness behavior: a model for cancer symptoms Steven S. Zalcman, Randall T. Woodruff, Ruchika Mohla and Allan Siegal; Part II. Cancer Symptom Mechanisms and Models: Clinical and Basic Science: 4. The clinical science of cancer pain assessment and management Russell K. Portenoy and Victor T. Chang; 5. Pain: basic science: 5a. Mechanisms of disease-related pain in cancer: insights from the study of bone tumors Patrick W. Mantyh and Juan Miguel Jimenez Andrade; 5b. Neuropathic pain: basic science Patrick M. Dougherty and Haijun Zhang; 6. Cognitive dysfunction: is chemobrain real? Christina A. Meyers and Jeffrey S. Wefel; 7. Cognitive impairment: basic science Perry N. Fuchs, Jessica A. Boyette-Davis and Adrian J. Dunn; 8. Depression in cancer: pathophysiology at the mind-body interface Andrew H. Miller, Michael A. Burke and Charles L. Raison; 9. Depressive illness: basic science: 9a. Animal models of depressed mood and sickness behavior Adrian J. Dunn; 9b. From inflammation to sickness and depression: the cytokine connection Robert Dantzer and Keith W. Kelly; 10. Cancer-related fatigue: clinical science Xin Shelley Wang; 11. Developing translational animal models of cancer-related fatigue Mary W. Meagher; 12. Cancer anorexia/weight loss syndrome Aminah Jatoi and Nisha Lassi; 13. Appetite loss/cachexia: basic science Tristin D. Brisbois-Clarkson, Wendy V. Wismer and Vickie E. Baracos; 14. Sleep and its disorders: clinical science Sofia Ancoli-Israel and Lianqi Liu; 15. Sleep and its disorders Mark R. Opp and Luca Imeri; 16. Proteins and symptoms Bang-Ning Lee and James M. Reuben; 17. Genetic approaches to treating and preventing symptoms in patients with cancer Quiling Shi and Charles S. Cleeland; 18. Functional imaging of symptoms T. Dorina Papageorgiou, Edward F. Jackson and Javier O. Valenzuela; 19. High-dose therapy and posttransplantation symptom burden: striking a balance Sergio A. Giralt and Loretta A. Williams; Part III. Clinical Perspectives in Symptom Management and Research: 20. Promoting symptom research in cooperative groups Lynne I. Wagner and David Cella; 21. Practical aspects of symptom management in patients with cancer Richard T. Lee and Michael J. Fisch; Part IV. Symptom Measurement: 22. Symptom measurement by patient report Charles S. Cleeland and Tito R. Mendoza; 23. The economics of cancer-related symptoms: valuing supportive care interventions Lesley-Ann Miller and Jane C. Weeks; 24. Longitudinal models for symptoms Diane L. Fairclough; 25. Bayesian adaptive design: a new approach to test the effectiveness of symptom-reducing agents using patient-reported outcomes Valen E. Johnson and Tito R. Mendoza; Part V. Government and Industry Perspectives: 26. Promoting cancer symptom science research Ann O'Mara and Maria Sgambati; 27. Developing symptom management drugs Joanna M. Brell and Lori M. Minasian; 28. Cancer-related symptoms: issues for consideration in drug and therapeutic biological product label claims in the United States Jane A. Scott; 29. Symptom research: looking ahead Charles S. Cleeland, Adrian J. Dunn and Michael J. Fisch; Index.


Charles S. Cleeland is McCullough Professor of Cancer Research and Chair of the Department of Symptom Research, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA. Michael J. Fisch, M.D., MPH is Chair of the Department of General Oncology in the Division of Cancer Medicine at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Dr Fisch is a national leader in symptom management and survivorship care. His research and clinical work in this area focuses on the assessment and management of patients with complex symptom problems from the time of diagnosis, through treatment, during survivorship and at the end of life. As medical director of the M. D. Anderson Community Clinical Oncology Program Research Base, Dr Fisch also oversees a network of M. D. Anderson managed clinical trials aimed at cancer control, prevention and therapy implemented and conducted efficiently in a community environment. Adrian J. Dunn is Professor of Psychology, Pacific Biosciences Research Center and Department of Psychology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.


"This text is of great importance to readers of the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management ...The content is quite timely, and these exceptional editors, who are recognized leaders in the field of cancer symptom research, are to be congratulated for meeting their aims of promoting an interdisciplinary approach to investigating these complex symptoms. The writing and organization are clear, and the information is easily accessible to the reader, with a thorough table of contents and index. This is an essential text for anyone interested in conducting or critiquing cancer symptom research." Journal of Pain and Symptom Management (2011), Judith Paice, PhD, RN, Northwestern University
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