Canals and Communities: Small-Scale Irrigation Systems

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November 1996



This book presents case studies and comparative essays about local institutions for managing water resources. Drawn from around the globe, the cases clearly demonstrate that "indigenous" irrigation is often more sustainable, cost-effective, and flexible than has been generally believed. The contributors discuss a wide range of environments, cultural traditions, and historical contexts in which such systems operate, maintaining a common focus on incentives for cooperation, operational rules, collective-choice arrangements, principles of allocation, and conflict-resolution mechanisms. Canals and Communities can serve as a sourcebook for social scientists and development planners investigating the cultural ecology of irrigated agriculture, the ethnology of cooperative social formations, the politics of collective-resource institutions, and the sociology of rural development. The book also provides examples and generalizations about the cross-cultural characteristics of sustainable water resource management and intensive agriculture.


Jonathan B. Mabry is a research archaeologist and project director at the Center for Desert Archaeology in Tucson, Arizona. He has served as a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development and is a coauthor of "Rapid Rural Appraisal of Moroccan Irrigation Systems: Methodological Lessons from the Pre-Sahara."
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